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General 2D/3D Drafting System
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"Good products cost quit a bit,
bad products cost more."

Why follow the crowd when purchasing
CAD software? General drafting
functionality is one thing, with
DIAMOND you get so much more.
DIAMOND is a general drafting system with some unique facilities which will greatly improve the production of your drawing office, including the ability to read and write DWG files.

DIAMOND's dynamic displays are based on automatic detection of entities located under the cursor. They show alternative effects of operations prior to entity selection, position specification or command execution. The shown result of complex operations can therefore be accepted with a single mouse click. This powerful tool helps to boost performance and removes the "trial and error" sequences traditionally associated with CAD systems.

DIAMOND's unique DESIGN MODE allows every item on each drawing to effectively 'remember' not only the way in which it was created, but also its relationships with other entities on the same drawing. The information is automatically captured during normal system operation, without any additional input. It is subsequently used when necessary to automatically alter any part of the drawing affected by changes to basic items, thus considerably reducing drawing modification times. The result is that DIAMOND is not merely a draughting tool but a design one.

DIAMOND is particularly suited to companies who have looked at conventional CAD systems but have yet to be convinced of the potential, or who are disappointed with their current CAD system, in which case we will swap it for DIAMOND free of charge. A recent Customer Survey has revealed total satisfaction with DIAMOND's performance within all disciplines, including civil, construction, architecture, mechanics, electronics and electrical engineering. The system has been repeatedly and widely acclaimed, confirming it as a leading system at the cutting edge of technology. Some of the standard facilities available are:

General 2D/3D Drafting System

> dynamic displays based on automatic item detection
> dependent geometry for faster drawing modification
> parametric design, symbol blocks and geometry
> draw to any scale and with different drawing scales
> advanced dimensioning, hatching and text facilities
> powerful database management development tools
> automatic scheduling, part lists, bills of material
> designed and developed by engineers for engineers
> 20 year pedigree ensures quality and reliability
> fully adapts to user requirements and working habits
> gridlines, staircases and portal frames as standard

> intuitive entity creation and editing
> interactively-defined smart line-styles
> detailed symbol libraries
> extremely fast operations
> high quality plotting
> drawing office management facilities
> simple and logical command structure
> reference files
> DWG and DXF imports and exports
> total customer satisfaction
> unique support service