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"Why not do one thing well instead
of many things adequately?"

At ASA we are dedicated to
developing, supplying and
supporting a single product ... our own.
We are specialists in our field,
and have been since 1983.
ASA is a Cambridge based Software House with more than twenty years presence in the CAD arena. The company has built up an enviable reputation for delivering reliable, innovative products suitable for a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Great effort has been dedicated over the past years to making CAD systems faster, more appealing and easier to operate. Unfortunately, much less attention has been devoted to the functionality they offer. Furthermore, in several areas, system functionality has often been sacrificed for the wrong reasons. It is surprising, but never the less true, that some typical early 80's products offered more, in terms of geometric and design facilities, than many better known systems currently in use. This refers to the general purpose, low cost systems, not to the more expensive engineering software or products developed for specialised applications.

ASA was established in order to overcome these limitations, produce CAD products that use the computer much more efficiently, and offer top level software at an affordable price. Its main objective was to create an "intelligent" CAD system, capable of contributing to design processes as well as draughting tasks. The aim was to achieve all this without imposing the extra burden of complex operational requirements on the system operators.

There seems to be little doubt that in the future the power and sophistication of all CAD systems will increase, with design rather than draughting becoming the more dominant factor. Similar transitions have already occurred in other areas, and the CAD market is certain to follow. ASA happened to be among the first software houses to join this trend, and consequently DIAMOND, our CAD system, can be described as the first in the next, more advanced, generation of Computer Aided Design products. DIAMOND is tomorrow's CAD system - available today!

DIAMOND is an advanced CAD system suitable for drafting, design, detailing and database management. It incorporates state of the art functionality, including variable and associative geometry and parameterised part (block) definitions. It is a machine independent system, currently available under a variety of operating systems.

DIAMOND contains utilities which are part of the basic system and not add-ons to be charged for. These include reinforced concrete and structural steelwork detailing, portal frame and staircase design and ground modelling.

ASA also provide a unique, personalised support service which makes our users feel valued and secure. This second to none support is supplied by the system originators, not through a third party.

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