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"Don't do what the system can,
do whatever you want to."

In many areas, DIAMOND does
not impose limitations on the
users in terms of the tasks they
may perform. Quite often, the
only real limitation is the user's
own imagination.
A comparison between different CAD systems, comparing individual commands or available facilities, does not necessarily determine which is better or offers more advantages to its operators. Over the last few years, no written material has managed to describe DIAMOND's incomparability. It really is very surprising how similar CAD systems seem to be when described on paper. On some occasions, even a live demonstration has failed to illustrate DIAMOND's superiority, until prospective clients started to discuss the various problems they were experiencing with their current systems, the bottle-necks they frequently had to face, or the frustration due to system limitations. Only at this point did it become possible to show how DIAMOND's wide-ranging functionality can easily and effortlessly solve all the aforementioned problems, quite often even offering more than one possible solution.

Compared to the market leaders, DIAMOND is significantly faster. It is easier to learn and operate, offers a wider range of basic drawing tools and facilities, and requires less input to perform standard operations. Using coputer resources to their full extent, DIAMOND can show results of required operations before they are fully performed, and can perform several tasks simultaneously rather than consecutively. Its wide ranging functionality can be used for almost any engineering discipline, making it the ideal tool for companies involved in more than one type of engineering.

Most of the above statements can be found in the sales literature describing a host of CAD systems. They actually seem to have become cliched and almost meaningless because of their frequent use. Yet, all of these statements are an accurate description of DIAMOND. Words just cannot present a fair and accurate description of a system, or a comparison between different ones. There is no doubt that, when examining CAD systems, a single picture says much more than a thousand words. Only a live demonstration, and preferably a spontaneous one, can really give a true picture of any CAD system, its capabilities and its general "feel".

Consequently, no attempt will be made to conduct a detailed comparison between DIAMOND and competing CAD systems by showing a detailed account of individual commands. Nor by arguing the merits of a single operation that may or may not be important to the CAD operator. Instead, following sections will highlight some of the many principles, quite often unique, that directed DIAMOND's entire development period. They were implemented uniformly throughout the system to ensure that the way it is operated does not depend on a particular task being performed. Their contribution to DIAMOND's functionality is immense; and there are very few performance limitations, while their effect on the user interface is as significant. They make using the system extremely convenient, drastically increase the speed of performing required tasks, and ensure that the benefits 'claimed' by all CAD vendors can actually be delivered. A trial version can be obtained using the HOTLINE page and used to test DIAMOND's wide range of innovative facilities.

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